LIFE: Today marks the 50 year anniversary of the tragic death of English cyclist Tom Simpson at Le Tour De France...


As many of us follow this years Le Tour De France, I think its worth taking a couple of minutes to remember the contribution that Tom Simpson gave to British cycling. Today marks exactly 50 years since his tragic death on the 13th stage of the tour on Mont Ventoux. Tom was the equivalent of a Bradley Wiggins or even a Chris Froome of the time. He was voted BBC sports personality of the year back in 1965. Although Tom's death was related to the heat and also the limits these cyclist once pushed themselves too: he had ingested a cocktail of alcohol and amphetamines, to me, it still feels like a shame that the tours organisers missed a trick, with the opportunity to pay homage to Tom's legacy. If your interested to read more click here for a fantastic article that was published by the Guardian earlier this week.

Cycling to work and back fealt like the right thing to do today... and who knows... one day I might give Ventoux a go myself!

...And I know there are those of you out there who are asking yourself, 'why am I reading this in a design blog'! Well the vintage footage of Le Tour De France and the images of Tom riding have made this Brit living in Cape Town incredibly nostalgic and very proud of my British roots... A hark back to a time and a place that interests me greatly through my writing on branding and packaging... and of course we are the design life!

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