In a time before PlayStation, Xbox and Pokemon Go, was a world of ingenious board games, created to capture the excitement of the whole family. On a recent visit to my old family home, my brother and I ventured into the attic where we found this fantastic example of a 1970′s board game.

I love the artwork on the packaging! A fantastic illustration style, very representative of the time, showing two young boys engrossed in the enjoyment of the game. The image really captured the excitement from my own personal memories I have of playing this clever, original and inventive game with my family in the 1980′s. 

On the side of the box are photographic images, that if my mind serves me correct, were from the 1978 Television commercial. I believe these images were added to the later print run’s of the packaging.

The game was invented in 1974 by JB McCarthy and the version I have pictured was produced by the Ideal toy company

The game is played on a large battlefield board manufacturerd from yellow plastic, with a printed card top sheet. each player would have four tanks. Each player has their own command bunker, where you would hide land mines and shells, numbered 1 through to 10, with the higher numbered shells having more firepower. The tanks would be placed on a plastic frame that could be moved up and down the table. At each side of the board were plungers that were connected to strings, which you could pull, sending your opponents tanks to flip up into up into the air.

Believe me, back in the 70′s and 80′s those plungers rocked!!!