I recently became a dad to a wonderful, amazing little boy. Watching him observe and learn has made me see things with a whole new perspective.

Just the other day we were in our garden and he was pointing to the sky. As much as I looked I couldn’t see what was so interesting to him. With his limited vocabulary he kept saying “that!” and continued to point with great excitement. I kept looking... Suddenly I saw it. He was looking at the moon. Something I take for granted every single day had caught his attention for the very first time!

Our adult heads are so full of the day to day and the things that we think we know, that we often forget the joy of seeing for the first time and we take for granted all that surround us everyday... We take so much for granted! 

Sometimes forgetting the status quo, not accept everything just because it's what's expected of us and looking with fresh eyes, asking 'why', can be so important. I’m not advocating chaos here but instead a form of re learning or what I like to call, unlearning! 

Try to remember the joy of seeing and experiencing for the first time. Remember innocents, naivety and discovery. I write this blog not out of knowing, but out of wanting to understand and it helps me to unlearn and to re-learn. After more than two decades in the design industry, I am re-discovering what it was like to not have limitations, scribbling outside of the lines, the emotion of colour and the joy of playing again!