Welcome to The Design Life. I have created this site to encourage topical discussion on creativity and innovation, celebrating both the beauty and success of the finished product, along with the journey and the processes involved.

I want us to talk about inspiration, ideas and where they come from, taking risks, failing and succeeding. The Design Life is a place where I wont be taking anything for granted. I'm going to be asking why a lot. There will be design resources, including some great books and blogs to read, guides on fonts and packaging design, information on some of the worlds best design agencies and step by step insights into real world product development.

There will be regular features on vintage type, branding and packaging. This will include a vast collection of images collected over many years, often accompanied by an historical look into the way these brands have developed throughout their lifespan.

I also wanted to include a section on designing for good. Throughout the World, forward thinking creatives are using design to make a difference in a good and positive way. From reducing infection rates in hospitals to giving a voice to the homeless, I want to promote the full power of creative thinking and the big idea.

Design can make the world a better place!