Whilst in the UK recently to attend a family wedding in Nottingham, we popped into where my wife’s father was staying for the event. It was on a beautiful red brick estate. As I walked through the main entrance I noticed a bookshelf. Inside was a gem of a boys annual, ‘Best Book For Boys’. Lucky the owner of the house was there and I quickly asked her if she wouldn’t mind me photographic this rare publication. As I flipped through, I could see that the edition was published by The New Century Press (33-36, Paternoster Row, London, E.C.4) and was printed in Great Britain by Taylor Garnett Evans & Co. Ltd. Manchester, but there was no print date. Lucky there was an inscription on the first page with the date: Mon 20:1:36, which is how I have dated this publication. I love the illustration style of the cover and the line drawings that accompany the stories are just stunning! There are also some fantastic full page, detailed, colour illustrations. A huge thank you to the owner for allowing me to take these images and to be able to share this stunning example of a boys annual from a time gone by.