Woolworths redesign the egg box

Posted by Todd Anderson on Monday, April 3, 2017 Under: Packaging
Anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve been trying to redesign the egg box for a good many years now. After seemingly always finding a broken egg in my box, I started to examine new materials and design. My concept was that, even if the box cost a little more to mass produce, would the world save on broken eggs? Its a project I’ve never quite achieved an answer or too, or managed to execute on. That said, I was recently in my local Woolworths and it looks as though their bright design minds are also giving this concept a good go at a redesign. Their boxes are using PET, which is both recyclable and also gives them a great colour and shelf appeal. What I also like is the way that they stack like lego blocks. This will help to stop them from topling over! Lets see how good the new design is in saving eggs though!


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