Seventy-Nine Short Essays on Design by Michael Bierut

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Michael Bierut is without doubt one of the most admired and respected designers of our time. Ive had the great fortune to meet Michael twice and both times I have walked away feeling incredibly inspired by his immense knowledge of design. Even with his notoriety and industry standing, he comes across as unassuming, humorous and with a great deal of warmth. He was a real pleasure to speak with about design. He has hosted the Cape Town's Design Indaba for many years and this is where on both occasions I had been lucky enough to meet him.

Micheal Bierut has won many design awards. He previously worked as vice president of graphic design at Vignelli Associates. In 1990 he joined Pentagram's New York office as a Partner where he continues today to run a team of designers, working across many disciplines of design.

I'm a huge fan of Michael’s work and achievements. I’m a regular visitor to the ‘Design Observer’ a website to which he was the founding writer. Bierut's book ‘79 Short Essays on Design’ is at pride of place within my bookshelf. Its a super book that you can either pick it up for a quick read or settle back for the afternoon with. Its one of those books that I never get bored of and I find myself going back to again and again. I often find myself mentioning parts of the book to my team and I am always suggesting they should go out and buy a copy for themselves.

An Overview of the book
A collection of essays by Michael Bierut, Pentagram partner, cofounder of the website Design Observer, and AIGA board member. Bierut is one of the best respected and most-beloved writers within the graphic design field, a spokesman for the profession, and a man pretty much universally admired within the academy and among practitioners. This collection includes writings from the 1980s through today.

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