Diebedo Francis Kere - How To Build With Clay

Posted by Todd Anderson on Thursday, July 23, 2015 Under: Architecture
In 2011 I had the great pleasure of attending a presentation by Diebedo Francis Kere at Cape Town's Design Indaba. Kere spoke with so much integrity and told a story that brought some in the auditorium to tears.

After finishing his degree in architecture at Technische Universität in Berlin he chose to return to his home town of Gando in Burkina Faso and to use his education to help re build his community. Using the limited materials that were available in Gando, Kere worked with his community to build beautiful low cost structures that worked within their natural environment.

I included Kere's TED presentation in the opening to this post and the Design Indaba presentation, that I attended in 2011 can be views by clicking here. I hope that you are as inspired as I was by this incredible mans achievements.

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