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Posted by Todd Anderson on Thursday, July 23, 2015 Under: Product Design
Britain's Design Council champion great ideas that make things better and ultimately improves lives. This was illustrated perfectly by David Kester in his 2011presentation at Cape Town's Design Indaba. His speech focused on a challenge that the Design Council made to Britain's top designers and manufacturers to reduce infection rates within the NHS. Companies worked in collaboration to produce innovative hospital furniture and equipment that improved usability, storage and made them easier and quicker to clean.

The Bedside Cabinet
Fewer hard-to-reach corners and surfaces make the bedside cabinet easier to clean and more accessible for patients. The problem: Existing bedside cabinets are difficult to clean. Their complex internal spaces, inaccessible surfaces, angular joints and rough, absorbent materials can harbour liquids, dirt and bacteria. The solution: A revised version of the traditional bedside cabinet made from durable, wipe-clean plastic that reduces the number of hard-to-reach corners and surfaces without cutting down patient storage space. Click here to watch the film

Commode Patient Chair
Robust, functional and easy to clean, the commode minimises the risk of infection without compromising the patient’s dignity. The problem: Existing commodes tend to be made up of multiple parts, with complex junctions between different materials. This makes them difficult and time-consuming to take apart for thorough cleaning. The solution: A simplified construction makes cleaning the commode quicker and easier, reducing the risk of HCAIs. Aesthetic and functional changes also improve patient comfort and dignity. Click here to watch the film

Please click here to read more about this incredible project and here to read about more of the amazing work that the Design Council are currently doing.

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