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Meeting My Design Heroes - Michael Wolff

Posted by Todd Anderson on Friday, October 16, 2015, In : Designers 
Its spring in Cape Town and this time of year is filled with colour as the wonderful varieties of flower open up to display an impressive palette. People travel from far and wide to visit the Westcoast national park where for a limited time (1 month) the impressive bloom is in its full beauty. I get a lot of my colour ideas from nature and this is such a fantastic time of year to discover brilliant combinations.

I will always remember a presentation by renown brand designer Michael Wolff wh...
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Meeting My Design Heroes - Massimo Vignelli

Posted by Todd Anderson on Friday, October 16, 2015, In : Designers 
Last year we sadly lost one of design's greats; Massimo Vignelli.

I recently moved house. Living in Cape Town Ive built up quite an impressive collection of local wines and one by one I pulled out each bottle from the wooden rack and wrapped them in bubble wrap. Within the collection was one very special bottle and I knew eventually that I would re discover it. Im not sure I will ever drink it. Not because of the wine inside (I don't even know what wine is inside!), but isntead for the memor...

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Design Masters

Posted by Todd E. Anderson on Thursday, July 23, 2015, In : Designers 

In another new series for the Design Life, I wanted to write about some of histories design icons. Everything around us has at some point been designed. The designers who produce the worlds most recognised symbols, branding and packaging, play a role in our daily lives, but the designers themselves seldom get the notoriety or the similar celebrity that is awarded to those who work in the world of music, film, sport, fashion, art or even product design (Jonathan Ive, Philip...

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