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Colour Wars

Posted by Todd Anderson on Wednesday, July 22, 2015, In : Colour 
Is it acceptable for a brand to trademark a colour?

Colour plays such an essential role in the identity of a brand. Think of the blue used in the Facebook logo, Caterpillars yellow or Home Depots orange. Then there's Coca Cola's red that's such a strong identity that it even managed to change the colour of Santa clause! But with this in mind, should these company's be allowed to own that specific colour?

The confectionary company Cadbury lost a five year court battle to register their disti...
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Why Pink & Blue?

Posted by Todd Anderson on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, In : Colour 
I recently became a dad to a wonderful, amazing little baby boy and he is definitely the most loved new addition to my design life.

Whilst my wife was still pregnant, we decided that we did not want to know the babies sex before the birth and loved the idea of it being a surprise. This however was met with some shock and surprise from a good many of our friends who just couldn't believe that we wouldn't want to know this in advance. How could we possibly prepare if we didn't know what colou...
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