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Posted by Todd Anderson on Friday, September 11, 2015 Under: Packaging
2015 saw the inaugural 'Wine Label Design Awards' in South Africa. What will continue as an annual event has been created by and sponsored by label supplier Rotolabel to help promote excellence within the field of wine label package design in South Africa. Its hoped that the awards will raise the standards of what wine producers demand and designers supply. 

This years Awards consisted of three categories: 1) under R60 a bottle; 2) over R60 a bottle and 3) labels forming a series – with no price constraints. 165 bottles from 92 entrants were attracted  to the event.

The esteemed judging panel featured designers Joanne Thomas, Creative Director at the Jupiter Drawing Room and Sean Harrison: principal of Whitespace design along with George Jardine, Executive Chef at Jordan Restaurant, Ivan Oertle, Wine Buyer at Woolworths SA and editor Christian Eedes. The Judging criteria consisted of originality of concept, shelf appeal, effectiveness as a piece of communication and execution of final print.

The awards ceremony was held at Beau Constance in Constantia. Below are some of the winning designs, featured at the Awards exhibition booth at this years design indaba.


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