(Whats the design story) Morning Glory ?

Posted by Todd Anderson on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Under: Life
Without a doubt, one of my favourite albums growing up was Oasis second album "Whats the story morning glory". Dont get me wrong! I loved the first album, which i remember, at the time, was competing against another UK upstart, Shed Seven. But without a doubt Oasis came well and truly on top and Shed Seven unfortunately are something of an unknown outside of the UK today. Shame, they were also pretty good. Oasis second musical bout was tougher, paired against brit pop heavy weight blur, yet the mancunians still reigned supreme. Oasis second album secured them as a revitalised Beatles for a generarion hungry for their own piece of music history and culture. The name Oasis came from a water slide park in Swindon of all places. I liked that. I was a boy from Bristol and i was intrigued by the musical phenomenon that was happening up North. The stone Roses, The Vurve, Happy Mondays were bringing excitement and an alternative to the mass produced pop of the 80's. The 90's were given a acid house, Brit pop filled f#!k you middle finger to the 80's ! Watching Liam size up the thousands in the crowed as the gutair riff for Morning Glory begins was almost like he wanted to kick the living shit out of everyone in the crowd. Like he was getting some strengh from wanting to fight each and everyone of us. It was just brilliant. Watching the band, you wanted to say a huge fu@k you to those bastards who thought that britpop was just a fad. Whether it was or wasn't, at the time, we needed it and after Oasis imploaded, the music and the memorys still mean a lot to some us today! In the 90's i was adjusting to becoming an adult; leaving university, first jobs, relationships and drinking far to much at bars that screached out the britpop soundtrack!

After 7 years of living overseas, Oaisis and britpop make me proud to be British. I am currently teaching my two year old to play Wondereall on his toy guitar.

There was also some great visual imagery and design. The cover for Moening Glory...
And whats the space all about between the word Glory and the question mark? ?

And the tbird album... ( car in pool)

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