Facebook's Face-Lift Addresses Gender Equality

July 2015

Facebook has a new corporate identity designed in collaboration with it's in house team and Process Type Foundry’s Eric Olson. Although the new brand mark is a subtle move on there are a number of changes...

A Happy Face For IHOP Rebrand

July 2015

The IHOP Rebrand, designed by Kansas based Studio Tilt is a super example of how an intelligent and humorous change can make all the difference to the way that consumers view a business. Great design always seems so simple from the outset but a change like this takes real vision. The logo change is the first in more than 20 years for the business...

The City Of Cape Town's 'I Have A Drug Problem' Campaign

July 2015

This fantastic poster campaign by King James for the city of Cape Town was launched earlier this year and features a number of well known local personalities, in a fight against substance abuse.

Tatler or T Atler

July 2015

I have the highest of regard for local newspapers and for those who create them. I know firsthand the work that goes into each issue. If I ever travel somewhere new, a local newspaper is a great way to get an insight into the lives of the people who live there, but...

Annie Leibovitz And Jim Carrey - Vanity Fair White Cover

July 2015

This is one of those cover designs that every now and then shoots into my head. I worked as an art editor for a publishing company for many years and I know firsthand the importance of a cover design to really scream out from the shelf.

The Big Issue 231

July 2015

As I pulled up to the traffic lights today I was completely taken when I saw this eye catching cover to the recent edition of the Big Issue. I enjoyed the cover for so many reasons...

Do It For The Love, Love, Love!

July 2015

I have a belief that love and hard work go hand in hand! I strongly believe that if you don't love what you do then you'll be unable to dedicate yourself fully to it and it's unlikely you'll be able to produce great work! In his now famous Stamford commencement address, Apple co founder Steve Jobs outlines the importance of loving what you do...

Thoughts On Design By Paul Rand

July 2015

Rand’s book, Thoughts on Design is truly a masterpiece, which he wrote in 1947, aged just 33. A revised version was released in 1970 and then again more recently in 2014. More than any other book, this is the one that I suggest to all that I mentor or employ. Paul Rand is still viewed as one of the most celebrated graphic designers of our time.

The Vignelli Cannon By Massimo Vignelli

July 2015

Massimo Vignelli's Cannon is a book for which I tell everyone that works for me in my design studio to read. I am often asked what fonts to use or how to use grids and this book is an essential handbook to refer to. It's an essential handbook for any young designer entering into the industry.

79 Short Essays On Design By Michael Bierut

July 2015

Michael Bierut's book ‘79 Short Essays on Design’ is at pride of place within my bookshelf. Its a super book that you can either pick it up for a quick read or settle back for the afternoon with. Its one of those books that I never get bored of and I find myself going back to again and again.

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