AIGA - Design For Good

July 2015

As an active member of the AIGA, I fully support the organisation and their initiatives. Below I have featured an article that outlines their design for good program, which is creating projects that have a positive social impact that benefits the world, our country and our communities.

Design Council - Design Bugs Out

July 2015

Britain's Design Council champion great ideas that make things better and ultimately improves lives. This was illustrated perfectly by David Kester in his 2011presentation at Cape Town's Design Indaba. His speech focused on a challenge that the Design Council made to Britain's top designers and manufacturers to reduce infection rates within the NHS. Companies worked in collaboration to produce innovative hospital furniture and equipment that improved usability, storage and made them easier and quicker to clean.

Diebedo Francis Kere - How To Build With Clay

July 2015

In 2011 I had the great pleasure of attending a presentation by Diebedo Francis Kere at Cape Town's Design Indaba. Kere spoke with so much integrity and told a story that brought some in the auditorium to tears.

Vintage & Rare Collection Of Beer Packaging

July 2015

This wonderful collection of vintage and rare beer packaging from all over the world can be seen at the Wild Clover micro Brewery. A veritable feast for any branding and packaging designer/vintage packaging enthusiast like myself!

My Design Life

July 2015

In a recent interview for a design magazine I was asked, "who and what inspires me". It's a question that I am often asked and my initial reply is usually "everything", from my family (my wife and son are without a doubt my biggest inspiration) to the great icons of our industry such as Paul Rand and Soul Bass to the the work of Henryk Thomaszewski, Jan Lenica and Henri Matisse (the list could go on and on and on…) I wake up inspired almost every morning and by the time I am in my studio, or out with my family on the weekend, I have often seen something to trigger creativity. It really does come from everywhere, from a texture, a colour, a conversation, a story to something quirky!

South Africa's Barber Shop Art

July 2015

When I first moved to Cape Town in 2009, I went through a creative sensory overload. So many incredible cultures, new brands, fantastic new foods to discover and such a visual feast that I suddenly had layer out in front of me. Of great interest were some of the cultures from the townships. Areas where many had warned of crime I saw a great deal of culture and interest. Early on I started to notice that there was a unique, almost naive art style to the signage of the barbershops, which over the years has developed into one of my many visual collections.

Photoshop Experts Open Version 1.0

July 2015

To celebrate Photoshop turning 25 years old, eight of today's experts were asked to use 1990's version 1.0. The clip below shows the hilarious results as each of the experts try to get to grips with how limited the first version is in comparison to today's Creative Cloud version. Surprisingly though, the first version of the software had levels, however there were no layers or multiple redo's.

Design Masters

July 2015

In another new series for the Design Life, I wanted to write about some of histories design icons. Everything around us has at some point been designed. The designers who produce the worlds most recognised symbols, branding and packaging, play a role in our daily lives, but the designers themselves seldom get the notoriety or the similar celebrity that is awarded to those who work in the world of music, film, sport, fashion, art or even product design

20 Years Of Design Indaba

July 2015

The World-renowned 'design Indaba' conference takes place each year in February at Cape Town’s CTICC conference centre. The event sits at the top of the design community’s calendar with the three-day program including presentations and insight from both the worlds most established and celebrated creative professionals along with local up and coming talent.

William Kentridge - Refuse The Hour

July 2015

The enthralling, 80 minute performance is a visual experience combining Kentridge's narrative and art works, a score by Philip Miller, video by Catherine Meyburgh and dance performed and choreographed by Dada Masilo.

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