Design Educators Seminar

July 2015

In 2013 I attended the Design Educators Indaba, which endeavored to create a forum for educators within design to engage with each other and to increase their knowledge of creative education. The event followed the three day Design Indaba conference in Cape Town. The seminar was hosted by Neville Brody.

The Art Of The Brick - Nathan Sawaya

July 2015

My family and I recently visited 'The Art of the Brick' exhibition which is currently on show in Cape Town. The exhibition by artist Nathan Sawaya is unique in that it's constructed completely from Lego blocks!

Homeless Fonts

July 2015

This ground-breaking scheme is the outcome of a collaboration between the Arrels foundation and advertising agency The Cyranos Mcann, both based in Barcelona. The project combines creativity, typography and social commitment to give the homeless a voice and dignity back into their lives. All profits go towards food, shelter and social health for the people supported by the Arrels Foundation.

What is success? - Designing Your Success

July 2015

In a new series for the design life, I am going to be writing about success, specifically success within the field of design. In this first installment I want to discuss what success really means? Then over the forthcoming series we will strive to break down what it takes to achieve and maintain success.

The Origin Of Branding

July 2015

In today's world of business a brand is likely to be a corporation’s most valuable asset. It's the DNA of most companies and represents everything that a business or its products stand for. An example of this is Apple's minimalist branding that depicts quality and craftsmanship whilst Oxfam's visual language illustrates a non profit charity with a logo that looks like it hadn't been designed by an agency, although of course it more than lightly has been! Brands have become the fabric of our lives, we put trust in them and without knowing it they guide and aspire us.

So what is the origin of branding?

Sainsbury's Design Studio 1962 - 1977

July 2015

I am an avid collector of design books and on a recent trip back to the UK, I stumbled across a fantastic book containing a veritable gold mine of vintage Sainsbury’s packaging, chronicling the years 1962 to 1977. The books forward tells the story of the author, Jonny Trunk and his search for a particular 1970 Sainsbury’s pack design for cornflakes that he had memories of from his childhood. On calling the retailers head office, he discovers that there’s a huge archive of pristine Sainsbury’s own label packaging dating back from the 1960’s and onwards. An ideal subject for a book!

Colour Wars

July 2015

Colour plays such an essential role in the identity of a brand. Think of the blue used in the Facebook logo, Caterpillars yellow or Home Depots orange. Then there's Coca Cola's red that's such a strong identity that it even managed to change the colour of Santa clause! But with this in mind, should these company's be allowed to own that specific colour?

Why Pink & Blue?

July 2015

I recently became a dad to a wonderful, amazing little baby boy and he is definitely the most loved new addition to my design life. Whilst my wife was still pregnant, we decided that we did not want to know the babies sex before the birth and loved the idea of it being a surprise. This however was met with some shock and surprise from a good many of our friends who just couldn't believe that we wouldn't want to know this in advance. How could we possibly prepare if we didn't know what colour to decorate the babies room or buy them clothes?

I suddenly started to ask myself why? Who decided that pink was a feminine colour and blue masculine? The marketers? The branding experts? More so, I wanted to know why there was a need for a gender based distinction. At this point my curiosity kicked in and I suddenly wanted some answers.

My Interest In Vintage Design

July 2015

This is my first post featuring my deep interest for vintage branding and packaging design. My fascination began whilst a student where we would often visit the Robert Opie museum of vintage packaging at the Gloucester Docks in England.

An Introduction To The Design Life

July 2015

Welcome to The Design Life. I have created this site to encourage topical discussion on creativity and innovation, celebrating both the beauty and success of the finished product, along with the journey and the processes involved.


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