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Why Pink & Blue?

Who decided that pink was a feminine colour and blue masculine? More so, why is there actually a need for a gender based distinction? At this point my curiosity kicked in and I suddenly wanted some answers...

The Origin of Branding

A brand is likely to be a corporation’s most valuable asset. It's the DNA of most companies and represents everything that a business or its products stand for. But where did it all begin?

Colour Wars

Colour plays an essential role in the identity of a brand. Think of Facebook's Blue, Caterpillars yellow, or Coca Cola's red. But should these company's be allowed to own that specific tone of colour?

10 Ways To Be More Creative

Ever wondered how to improve your creativity and stay inspired? Why some creatives are a lot more successful than others? Do you want some advice from Sir John Hegarty? Well read on...

Sainsbury's Design Studio 1962-1977

A gold mine of vintage Sainsbury’s packaging, chronicling the years 1962 to 1977, with insight into the relationship between the company director JD Sainsbury and visionary designer Peter Dixon.

Designing Your Success

In a new series for the design life, we examine what it takes to achieve and maintain success within the world of design. In this first installment we discuss what success really means?


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